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Civil Rights Restoration Application

If you do not qualify for automatic restoration, you may submit an Application for Restoration of Civil Rights. Individuals applying for Restoration of Civil Rights may request an application from a Probation & Parole Office, through emailing, filling out the form on the Contact Us page, or clicking on the link below.

Upon request for an application and assistance, officers shall be responsible for assisting the applicant with required information or documentation.

To apply for Restoration of Civil Rights under KRS 196.045, applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Have received a final discharge or expiration of sentence;
  • Not have any pending charges, outstanding warrants, or indictments; and
  • Not owe any outstanding restitution

Civil Rights Restoration Application

*Any individual who submitted an application for restoration of civil rights to a prior Governor's administration is encouraged to submit an application with updated information to the current administration.

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